Voilamart eBike Kit Review – Is it Worth the Money?

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voilamart ebike kit review

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“The unit includes a pedal assist sensor, which senses when you are on the pedals and will allow you to move forward on the bike. ”

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Quick Overview –

voilamart ebike kit

Voilamart is one of the leading online retailers from China. They sell almost anything you can think of, ranging from beauty products to cosmetics. However, they also sell one of the cheapest Ebike Conversion kits on the market today.

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What Is The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

The voilamart ebike kit review is a direct conversion kit, featuring a rear-wheel hub and motor to propel the bike forward. The unit includes a pedal assist sensor, which senses when you are on the pedals and will allow you to move forward on the bike. It includes all the installation tools you will need to convert your bike. 

With a 1000-watt motor, it might not be ideal for everyone. If you live in the UK, EU, or Australia, you might need to have the bike classified as a motorbike and have it licensed. Additionally, it does not have a speed limiter, which means you need to set your speed limit for the bike, within the regulations of your countries traffic laws.

Overall, it is a decent unit, easy to install, while not costing you a fortune. In terms of durability, it will come down to how the unit is used to see if it holds up under pressure. However, we would recommend it for the value it offers and the overall design.

Key Features:

  • 26-inch alloy wheels with heavy-duty spokes
  • 48-volt 1000-watt direct-drive rear-wheel motor
  • 48-volt 26A motor controller
  • Pedal Assist Sensor
  • Throttle with battery indicator
  • 26 x 1.75-inch mountain bike tire
  • Brake levers
  • Cut-off sensors
  • 7-speed gear freewheel
  • Cable ties
  • Instruction manual

Voilamart eBike kit review:

voilamart ebike kit

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By now, you should have some basic knowledge about the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit. However, everyone tends to look at the features, but they don’t look at the quality of the features or how they perform. The following section follows some of our research and should show you how the features perform.

  • The Motor

The unit features a brushless DC direct-drive motor, which is considered one of the older motors. It was first introduced a couple of years ago, but with tech advancements, it is not the top motor on the market anymore. The unit should in theory provide up to 1000-watts of continuous power, but once installed, you can get up to 2000-watts of peak power.

The massive power output is exactly what you want when you are looking for speed and power for your unit. It also comes with reduced maintenance, since the unit does not have any moving parts in the motor; you don’t need to worry about the continuous maintenance that is required for increased performance.

  • Reliability

One always needs to look at reliability, but the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit has a proven record of giving you reliability. The unit features a state of the construction from solid materials, but the weakest part is the sensor hub. Many people claim to have installed multiple of these kits, with only a few sensors fails.

It is recommended that you follow the manual to ensure a decent installation of the product. Once it has been installed, you will need to look at the tightness of the spokes. One does not want the spokes to be too tight, which could lead to them clicking out of place. You should avoid the clicking of these spokes and listen for it.

Overall, it should not take too much effort to have the unit installed perfectly. Once you have your installation done, it is worth noting that the unit will need to be tested. Whilst testing it, you should be able to root out any of the potential issues.

  • Compatibility

There is not a lot to say about the compatibility and you will notice that the unit is only available with a 26-inch wheel. While this does not seem like much, the 26-inch wheel is perfect for most bikes, but larger riders might need a bigger rear wheel tire. We believe you can special order the desired tire size if you are willing to pay more.

Additionally, it is compatible with most mountain bike brand. However, you might need to do some additional research just to make sure the bike wheel is compatible with the mountain bike your currently own.

  • Installation

As you might have noticed in the features section, the unit comes with a detailed installation guide. With the guide, you should be able to install the motor and rear tire effectively. Unfortunately, you will need a few tools that are affordable and indicated in the manual. However, most of us have these tools at home.

Once you grasp the installation process, it should not take you more than an hour to have it fully installed. If the unit has been installed, you might need to test it with a few test runs to ensure that it is working as it should. The test will also eliminate any issues that you might have when it comes to reliability in the future.

  • Legal Issues

One of the only issues you might have in the EU is legal issues. Unfortunately, the motor exceeds the 250-watt motor capacity that is commonly expected from most Ebikes. No matter how you adjust the motor through the controller, you are bound to find that the bike remains overpowered with fast top speed.

If you want to install one of these motors to your bike, you might need to register the bike and get a license to ride it. Additionally, you can simply stay off the roads with the bike and only use it on trails or areas that are not considered public roads.

  • It is very easy to control and navigate

With straightforward controls that just take a few minutes to master, this electric scooter has an LCD screen on the handlebars that allows you to control the speed at which you are riding. It also displays the battery levels so that you can charge the scooter when it is running very low. There is a trigger on the handlebar that helps you activate the brakes, so when you feel that you are losing control, you can easily and quickly reach for the brakes and have the situation under control.

Overall Thoughts On The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

If you are looking for something reliable that will get you from point A to point B without any hassles, the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit might be a good option to consider. The unit is easy to install and while it exceeds many local laws in the US and EU, you can still use it on your own and away from public roads.

Pros And Cons Of The Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit

With all of this information, it could be a tedious process for many people to make up their minds. Fortunately, we have designed a small section that should help you understand the features a bit better. The following section is all the benefits and drawbacks of the Voilamart Ebike Conversion Kit


  • Price: The unit is one of the most affordable options on the market today.
  • Installation: While you might need a few tools, it comes with most of the things needed for installation
  • Speed: The unit has a massive power output and will allow you to achieve decent speeds when riding.
  • Reliability: While you might run into a snag now and again, the overall sentiment is positive.


  • Legality Issues: Unfortunately, you might have a few legal issues with the motor and the speed of the unit.

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Who Should Buy The Voilamart eBike Kit?

The Voilamart eBike Kit is perfect for anyone looking for pedal assistance. While it might bring you some trouble from the law, you can circumvent this by simply staying off public roads. However, we don’t take responsibility for any actions you do and you will need to check with your local Sheriff’s Office before taking action.

The unit is reliable and it is one of the cheapest conversion kits on the market today. We would recommend it to anyone looking for conversions for their mountain bike.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

We believe the article contains all the information you might need to make your choice. However, there are still a couple of people who have a few questions. Whilst doing our research, we have isolated a couple of common questions that many people might have. I hope that we have answered some of your questions:

While it is possible to adjust the power output with the remote control, you won’t be compliant with the law. Unfortunately, the law states that the motor should not be able to reach a higher power output.

The installation process all comes down to personal preference. If you do it on your own, with all the right tools, it can take one or two hours. However, you can have it done even faster if you choose the expert assembly.

Safety is the one thing we are all worried about, but the Voilamart eBike Kit is one of the safest options on the market today. Aside from the occasional sensor failure, none of the other components tend to follow the same path.

Final Verdict

If you want to explore the world and find a decent EBike kit that will spice up your cycling world. The Voilamart eBike Kit is one of the top kits for you to consider. Having tested and used it, you will not have any issues. The motor might be on the older side, but it still plays a huge part in many EBike kits. Now, it is your turn to let us know in the comment section what you think of the Voilamart eBike Kit.

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