5 Best Folding Mountain Bike Reviews – Lightweight & Affordable!

When going out on a hiking trip, or at times, when even at home, a mountain bike enthusiast may not be able to show his love for the bikes by adding another one to his collection. Why? The simple reason is the trouble of storage. Storage is a major problem when it comes to buying and adding more and more bikes to your collection. But you don’t have to worry anymore because we have got your back with the best solution.

There is no bike in the world that can replace a mountain bike so we found you 5 of the best folding mountain bike that you can buy today and take it out to the hiking trip you have been planning for a very long time. 

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A folding mountain bike can come as a blessing as it sorts the problem of loading and it can also be carried around easily. You do not have to have a huge car to go for a hike. You can simply load your foldable mountain bike on your motorbike and get going. It is easy to pack, easy to carry around, and works exactly like a traditional mountain bike.

If you are someone who struggles with the problem of storage of your bike or on how to take it around, foldable mountain bikes are for you. While there are hundreds and thousands of best folding bike UK available in the market, here we have a list of the 5 best ones you should get.

5 Best folding mountain bike:

1. Probike Folding System Folding Mountain Bike

Probike folding mountain bike is a gorgeous bike with a sleek built. The body frame of the bike is made with steel that keeps it strong throughout. The bike can be ridden to the picnic spot or to run errands on too as it has a rare career. The bike can be taken on adventures like a hike or a very long ride as well.

The bike can be folded easily and is convenient to carry around or ride on. It is comfortable for longer rides too. Bikers face trouble cycling in the dark but with this one, it is not a trouble anymore. The bike comes installed with two lights, one in the front and one at the back for a convenient night or early morning ride.

It is a perfect mountain bike and does not compromise on any feature due to the folding technique. The bike comes with 6 easy shift gears that make the ride as simple as you can imagine.

The bike is great for all the genders and age groups above 11 years. Also, it is a great choice for people between the height of 130cms and 180cms. The bike has all the features of the best folding electric mountain bike.

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2. ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle Bike 21SP SHIMANO-26SF02BL

ECOSMO 26 is a stunning bike with robust steel built that makes it a great choice for rough grounds or heavyweight bodies. If you are someone who wishes for a bike that can help you lose weight or can act as fitness equipment then this is a great option for you. The bike comes with as many as 21 speed gears.

The speed gears not only make it an amazing option for exercise but it also proves to be a great option to take on a hike, or on a very rough patch of ground as well as the smooth streets of the town.

The bike weighs heavy you cannot jump on a bus with it and then hop out instantly. It weighs 35 kgs and needs patients to lift. When buying a bike, you must have made plans to take it on a very long ride. For the same, the front suspension of the bike is very soft and great and can go for a very comfortable long ride. But the seat of the bike may not provide the right comfort as it is made of very hard material.  

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3. FabricBike Folding Bicycle Alloy Frame

FabricBike is a stunning bike that has an artistic built. The bike is made in a unique design with a very strong frame. To keep the bike very light, the frame is made of aluminum instead of any other heavy material. This makes it absolutely flexible to carry the bike anywhere be it in your car or in a public vehicle. The floatability and lightweight of the bike also make it very easy to store in a compact space too. The brakes of the bikes are foldable too to give it a sleek look.

This folding mountain bike is a great option to run errands on as well as to go to work. The small tires and taller frame gives the bike a fancy look. But its strong frame keeps it stable and steady. The bike is durable and works great for long rides as well. The seat of the bike is very comfortable and ideal for regular use.

The bikes work great for all the genders as well. It is easy to ride and does not require a lot of strength either.

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4. Ecosmo 26″ Wheel Folding Ladies Women City Bicycle Bike

Ecosmo 26 is a swift bike that can be taken around anywhere. Whether you are going to see your friends, running for groceries, riding to school or work, or going for a picnic or trail ride, this bike works for everything. With 7 speed variants, the bike is a great ride for any kind of patch of lands like a mountain trail or the concrete streets.

The beautiful frame is made with strong Hi-ten steel and is a great choice for exercise too. The bike also helps the rider in keeping their posture right. The bike is also very light in weight and is easy to pick up and load for anyone who wishes to do it.

The bike comes in a soothing sky blue color which makes it look beautiful. It also has a pre installed rare career. The bike also has space for the installation of a basket if the rider needs one as it becomes a great help while shopping and other regular work.

This best folding mountain bike comes 80% fitted and put together, only the rest 20% is supposed to be set by the rider which includes front wheels, front brakes, handlebars, pedals, etc.

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5. ECOSMO 26″ Wheels New Aluminium Folding MTB Bicycle Bike SHIMANO

ECOSMO 26 is a stable bike that will always keep you at ease. The bike is very easy to fold and fits in any space. It can get fixed into the boot of the car or in your wardrobe too. The bike does not demand a lot of effort in folding or unfolding either. It works perfectly for teenagers as well as all the other age groups.

This folding electric mountain bike has a very strong built and can easily accommodate people who are as tall as 6.5 feet high. It weighs a little heavy but can be carried around in a compact space. It is easy to go around a bike that comes with as many as 21 speed gears to change from.

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Factors to look for While Purchasing a folding mountain bike:

folding mountain bike

When short listing bikes to get your ideal folding mountain bike, it is essential to make sure you are incorporating all the important factors in your list that one should look for in a folding mountain bike. Read here and know what are the factors to look for in a folding mountain bike.

It is extremely important to ensure that the frame is made of very strong material that lasts long. This is to ensure the durability and stability of the bike while running on the rough grounds. To ensure strength, make sure the material used for the frame is either aluminum or steel as these do not break easily.

As the bike will be folded into half or even less to its original size, the wheel size in a foldable bike is smaller than the traditional bikes. The average size wheel in a folding bike is 26 which is on the smaller side. If you wish, you can go for the bigger wheels but they do not get along great when folded.   

The whole purpose of buying a folding bike is to have a bike that does not have dimensions as great as a traditional bike. The purpose is to minimize the storage space required for a mountain bike. This is why, when looking for the best folding mountain bike, make sure you check the dimensions of the bike after it gets folded. If the dimensions you are looking for are the same or lower, go for the bike.

A full suspension system helps protect the bike from all the bumps and rough lands. The best bike to take on a high trail ride is a bike with full suspension. The folding bikes generally only come with the front suspension. This makes them not-comfortable enough for a very rough ground like a mountain trail. Make sure you look for a better suspension if you want to go on high trails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No, the folding system of the bike does not make it unstable and flimsy. The poor manufacturing of the bike or the low quality material can make the bike unstable and flimsy. But it can be checked before buying the bike.

A full suspension system protects the bike from all the bumps and jumps. It makes riding on a mountain trail or on a hike very comfortable. But even if the bike only has the front suspension, it works fine on the less rough grounds.

Yes, it is fine for the foldable mountain bike to be lightweight. It makes it easier to carry the bike around. But even if the bike is heavy, it does not become a great problem.

Yes, there are several mountain bikes available in the market that comes with speed gears. We have mentioned a few options on the list here as well. But there are some options in the market without speed gears as well. You can choose as per your preference.

Yes, there are some options in the market for the bikes where an additional rare career can be attached.

Final Verdict

A folding bike is the need of the modern day. The people who live in big cities in tiny houses or the people who simply suffer from storage trouble need these bikes for a better biking experience. A folding mountain bike, as the name suggests, gives the benefits of a mountain bike and then can be folded to store in a compact space.

The market is filled whit hundreds and thousands of folding electric mountain bike, but only the best ones are worth buying. If you are willing to buy one, make sure you go through our guide once. Make the list of your requirements and then settle on the bike you would want to invest your precious money in.

In the list we have, there is something for everyone from a young teenager to an old person, for a very tall, or for a heavy person too. We hope the list helps you in finding your right bike too.

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