8 Best Rowing Machine for Working Out at Home In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

Fitness is slowly gaining traction around the world. There are tons of fitness programs and experts looking to help you get in shape. Nowadays, one can easily get in shape in the comfort of your own home. With the right equipment, you can easily save a few bucks. The best rowing machine UK is one of the top tools to get you started.

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Since there are tons of rowing machines, it is hard to find the one that will assist you to reach your goal without going over your budget. However, we have found the best home rowing machine UK that will easily fit in your home and get you started. Our small buyer’s guide will show you how we came to choose them.

Best Rowing Machine UK for Working Out at Home:

Before diving into the small buyer’s guide, the following rowing machines will easily get you in shape. These have been selected based on their quality features and all the accessories they bring to the table. Since fitness is becoming more prominent, you can save a few bucks on your local club to start working out from home:

1. JLL Ventus 2 Air Resistance Rowing Machine

We bet your “I’ll start exercising from Monday” will change into “I’ll start exercising Today” with the JLL Ventus 2 rowing machine. This is the best home rowing machine UK for all the right reasons as it is not just packed with outstanding features but is also affordable.

One of the best features of this machine is its dual resistance approach which is a combination of magnetic as well as air resistance. This helps you keep the resistance smooth and consistent.

This rowing machine is compact, lightweight and also easy to store since it is foldable and has wheels. With these features, Ventus 2 makes for a great choice for smaller spaces.

With the help of an electronic console, you can track the number of strokes per minute, the distance rowed, the calories burnt, the time taken, and so much more.

Having a comfortable seat for a workout is as important as having a cosy bed to sleep. With soft leather and foam-filled seats, maximum comfort is guaranteed in Ventus 2.



2. Concept 2 Model D Indoor Rower

Concept 2 Model D is one of the best rowing machines UK as it’s a sturdy and well set up machine made for all the gym freaks. It will make your intense workout session much more enjoyable and free from injuries.

The advantage of having an air resistance system in a rowing machine is that it allows for smoother action and hence, minimal noise. With this system, the more intense you row, the more will be the resistance.

The backlit PM5 or the performance monitor 5 tracks and displays all the workout data such as calories, distance, speed, heart rate, etc. and it also enables you to compete with other users of concept 2.

It is built in such a way that it can handle intense workout sessions as it is durable and doesn’t freeze. It can easily be stored when not in need since it can be separated easily into two pieces.

It has an ergonomic handle that supports natural rowing position, adjustable footrests that fit wide along with wheels for transportation. The seat of this rowing machine is comfortable as it is contoured and padded.



3. Sunny Health and Fitness Full Motion 5639 Rowing Machine

If you are already tired of looking at so many rowing machines and just want something that is beginner-friendly and not very intense, then this one’s for you. It is the best budget rowing machine UK and also has some amazing features.

This rowing machine has 12 easily adjustable levels of resistance which is suitable for someone who is a beginner at working out. The hydraulic resistance provides for smooth and a quiet rowing experience.

The monitor or the display is quite basic and nothing fancy at all. Monitors in all the rowing machines like this one too do the same job such as display calories, time, count, etc.

The full-motion action of pulling back both the handlebars is great for upper back, shoulders, and arms workout, basically a full-body workout. It also allows for a larger range of motions for the shoulders.

The handlebars as well as the seat of the rowing machine are very comfortable. The handlebars are non-slippery and are specially designed for intense sessions and the large cushioned seat provides comfort and relief from pressure.

Although this machine is not very huge, it cannot be stored easily since it does not fold or have wheels.



4. We R Sports Premium Rowing Machine

This rowing machine gives the feeling that it belongs to someone who does heavy and intense workout, but in reality, it’s for entry-level people. It provides a beginner with all the necessary features and gets you fit and running!

The machine is mostly made up of aluminium and plastic, which means it can be easily handled and carried around. We usually associate plastic to being a flimsy material, but that’s not the case here, the material is durable, sturdy, and you can rely on it. The machine also has a foldable design which makes it easy to store anywhere even in smaller spaces.

As mentioned before, it is specifically designed to be a beginner-friendly machine wherein there are only 4 manually adjustable resistance levels.

The machine comes with an LCD tracking console that keeps track of your fitness progress and displays information such as calories burnt, the time elapsed, speed, etc.

The seat has foam padding that provides excellent support and comfort and prevents you from getting body aches. For extra comfort, the handlebars have a soft grip so that the risk of injury is reduced.



5. Multibrand PROBIKE 6th SENSE Mountain Bike

If you’re looking for the best rowing machine UK that has all the features along with being affordable, then you’ve got XS Sports rowing machine as your companion. It is a versatile option which is great for beginners as well as experts.

The 4kg magnetic flywheel and the 10-level resistance allows you to make your workout session personalized. It does not make much noise, this way one can enjoy music in peace and provide a smooth flow while rowing.

We meant it when we said it’s a versatile machine; it is on the heavy side since it comes with a strong metal frame, but on the other hand, it is foldable which makes it easy to carry around and store.

It has a precise LCD monitor that tracks your calorie count, time, etc., and shows you how you are progressing. The reason it is not as advanced as others are the missing workout programs.

Along with all the technical advancements, the rowing machine has also taken care of the safety aspect. It has padded grip on the handlebar, a comfortable seat, and adjustable footplates.



6. HOMCOM Rowing Machine Cardio Rower

If the name ‘Homcom’ rings a bell and you associate it with a company that makes a lot of machines at low/budget prices. Well, then you’re right and this one might be the cheapest and the best budget rowing machine UK.

It is a compact machine which makes it easy to move around, however, this machine does not fold. It has a metal frame with PVC additions, but it does not feel cheap.

With 12 levels of adjustable resistance, you can get plenty of cardio workouts. Even if the topmost level does not provide tough resistance, it is enough for an entry-level person.

This machine does have an LCD monitor that tracks the time spent rowing, calories burnt, stroke count etc. However, the best part about this budget machine is its luxurious seat; it is wide, soft and prevents you from getting any aches.



7. Skandika Poseidon Regatta SF-1150 Rowing Machine

By just looking at this machine, anyone can tell it is made to develop the body, health, and well-being at the comfort of the home. It is not your basic machine, but something that will motivate you to work out every day.

It is stylish, classy, sturdy, and a strong device that will serve you for a long time even with heavy usage. It comes with a foldable and a space-saving design, perfect for small homes.

Something in this machine that is worthy of mention is its poly fibre no noise resistance system. The three elastic poly-fibre ropes and two onboard coils allow you to have the advantage of three levels of adjustable resistance and a serious workout session.

The tiny console displays the speed, time, calories, strokes and much more and is also pretty to look at while working out which is secure in a cage-like metal for protection from accidental bumps.

Safety and comfort are not compromised in this machine as it comes with a gel and foam seat, which can be adjusted in four positions accordingly.



8. JLL R200 Home Rowing Machine

If you are a little tight on your budget but still want the best home rowing machine UK from a reputable company along with all the features, JLL R200 is the one for you.

The feature of 10 different levels of magnetic resistance gives you the freedom to choose from light resistance to strong resistance. Along with this, it has a belt-driven system which is responsible to keep the rowing motion smooth.

The display is clear, simple, and shows all the essential information such as calories, count, scan, distance, etc. required to achieve your fitness goals.

This rowing machine has a mould foam padded seat which is incredibly comfortable to sit on. The seat also has wheels under it that allow for smooth action.



Important Factors To Look For:

Now that you have seen some of the best rowing machines UK, you might be ready to buy one. However, a few important features make these units stand out. In the following section, we will have a brief look at a few of these features. Now, you can find the best rowing machine for home use.

Not every rowing machine has the same level of resistance. You will need to choose between the magnetic resistance and the hydraulic resistance options. The magnetic resistance rowing machine is fitted with a flywheel that will be clamped on as you increase the resistance. However, the hydraulic cylinder is great for beginners that ensure the unit is lightweight with more resistance levels.

If you don’t have tons of space in your home, you might want to keep a close eye on the weight and size of the unit. These rowing machines can be very large when they are for home use. You would want a lightweight option that can be moved from one room to the other. Additionally, you might want to find a folding machine that will allow you to store it with more ease.

Once you have your desired rowing machine, it should be strong enough to hold you. The weight capacity is one of the biggest factors to consider and will ensure that you have something worthwhile. The average weight capacity for the top rowing machines is in the range of 100kgs. However, more durable ones are available.

Since these are products with electrical components, you always need a warranty to back you up. There are a variety of warranties available, with some of them targeting the entire unit, whereas others could only target the components. If possible, you might need to look for a maintenance warranty as well to keep the unit operating at peak performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

By now, you should have all the tools and information to buy the best rowing machine. However, there are a few questions that many of you might still have. Whilst researching these articles, we often come across a few of these questions. To help give you peace of mind, here are some of the most common questions you might also have.

Yes, weight loss is possible when rowing since it falls into the same category as many other cardio workouts. Rowing will increase your heart rate, allowing you to burn more fat with a higher metabolism. However, you should always try to combine it with a decent diet.

The average 175-pound person can look at burning more than 600 calories from about an hour of moderate rowing. However, this can also be increased when you are following a decent diet.

Unfortunately, it is one of the hardest things to calculate and the weight loss for one person might not be the same as for another person. The weight you will lose when rowing will come down to how your diet is structured and how much additional exercise you put in.

Final Verdict

The best rowing machine UK is a great way to get out and lose some weight. It is much easier to lose weight with a rowing machine than sticking to your standard diet. However, we would recommend combining the two for the best results. Let us know in the comment section if you have found the best rowing machine for your needs.

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