8 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Pounds in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guides]

Breaking into the sport of mountain biking as a beginner can be quite frustrating. Most mountain bikes we commonly see are expensive, especially when you watch television and see some of the competitions. However, the best mountain bikes under 300 pounds will make it more affordable for beginners to break into the sport.

There are tons of mountain bikes and brands on the market today. However, each brand has at least one bike that is affordable for a beginner. While most of these bikes are made with a steel frame, they offer decent value for the rider at an affordable price. In the following article, we will look closely at the best mountain bikes under 300 pounds.

The Best Mountain Bikes Under £300:

Before looking at some of the key features, we must have a closer look at which mountain bikes you might be interested in. We have done some in-depth research to help reveal some of the key features that will make them stand out. However, the following bikes will be perfect for you to get started on your mountain biking journey.

1. Licorne Guide Mountain Bike

When looking for a budget bike, the electric bike rarely makes it to the top of the list. However, the Licorne Guide Mountain Bike is an electric bike that does not command such an expensive price tag and it should be affordable. The bike might be made from steel, but the steel will ensure overall durability for beginners.

The entire bike is not battery powered and you will still need to pedal if you want to move forward. However, there are a few additional features that work with a battery. The rear and front lighting makes it compliant with regulations at night and should ensure that the bike meets all the safety features.

Shimano is the leader in the industry of affordable drivetrains and you will notice that many of the cheaper bikes have Shimano. This bike features 21-speeds, which means that there are tons of versatility to get you started. It is possible that you can easily change the gears to find the one that is best suited for your needs.

If you want something unique, you only need to look as far as the Licorne Guide Mountain Bike. The hardtail frame will ensure that you have less drag when scaling up mountains and the bike itself looks great. We would recommend it to beginners, and especially those that feel they need to ride the bike at night.




2. ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle

Much like you have a brand for electric bikes, it is no wonder that you will find a brand that stands out when it comes to folding bikes. The ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle is one of the most useful for those traveling and due to the dual suspension, it is comfortable to ride on almost any terrain to improve shock absorption.

Storing bikes can often be a tough endeavor and we don’t always have a truck or bike rack for these bikes. However, the ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle makes it much easier and will allow you to fold the bike. You can also store the bike in the trunk of your car if you feel the need to travel with it for different trails.

The disc brake might not be double, and you might not have access to a front and rear disc brake, but having one disc brake already makes a big difference. Since you will stop with the front tire when going uphill, the brake can offer you protection. Instead of sliding back when you tire out, the brake can give you some time to rest.

If you prefer traveling and you have a long-distance to go before you reach the park or trail of your choice, you might want to consider the ECOSMO 26″ Folding Mountain Bicycle. It is a state of the art bike that includes real value for your money and it should give you enough durability and peace of mind when riding.




3. Flying 21 Speeds Mountain Bike

Moving onto number three on the list, we have a slightly more advanced bike than some of the others. The Flying 21 Speeds Mountain Bike might sound and look similar to some of the others, but it features dual disc brakes, which means that you will have some protection for the rear and the front of the bike.

As you might have noticed from previous articles, we love to put a great emphasis on the brakes of the bike. With the Flying 21 Speeds Mountain Bike, you will have access to dual disc brakes, which means that the bike has excellent stopping power. It can be argued that the bike is safe to ride for all downhill riders as well.

When you are buying from a tight budget, it is easy to settle for the steel bikes. While steel bikes are great for durability, they often lack when it comes to weight. The aluminum frame is made from 6061 aluminum, which is one of the most durable versions. The materials will keep the bike lightweight and easy to drive for anyone.

If you are willing to spend a little more, you might be lucky if you find the Flying 21 Speeds Mountain Bike. The bike is packed with features we commonly see in some of the high-end options. Additionally, you also have some space for upgrades, which means that as you improve your skills, you can upgrade the bike to meet your needs.




4. Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Basis is one of the up-and-coming brands and over the last couple of months; we have had the opportunity to test a couple of their bikes. The bike that stood out the most is the Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike, which features a decent suspension and brakes that will ensure you can stop when needed.

The suspension of any bike is vital in most cases and if you don’t have a decent suspension, it is not comfortable to ride the bike. The dual-suspension design means that you have shocks at the rear and the front of the bike. These bikes are often best for downhill trails, as they will absorb most of the shock you need to endure.

We rarely consider the overall design and colors of the bike important. However, the Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike takes style to the next level and we like the overall design of the bike. It is also quite large, with 26-inch tires, which makes it perfect for some of the larger riders to enjoy as well.




5. Eurobike OBK S7 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Eurobike is one of the top brands currently on the market today when looking for a budget bike. You will notice many of their bikes on our list and they generally back it up with some excellent service. The Eurobike OBK S7 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is one of the top options from their collection for under 300-pounds.

When you are new to the world of cycling, you might want to take a step back and look at some of the top brands. Having a competitive brand means that you have a competitive bike that everyone knows. Eurobike has a vast selection of bikes and they have been designing some excellent bikes for the prices they charge.

Once again, we cannot skip over the fact that these bikes have dual disc brakes, which offer the user some additional stopping power and will help the bike flourish in all conditions. Due to the full-suspension design, you can go downhill on the bike, while having peace of mind that the brakes will never let you down.

Aside from the excellent features, we have to admit that we have included the Eurobike OBK S7 Full Suspension Mountain Bike for the value it offers and the overall quality of the bike. We love the overall design and service. Compared to many other bikes, it is very easy to assemble this bike when ready to ride.




6. Basis 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Much like the Basis 2 bike, we had to include the predecessor due to the design and the quality of the features. If you are looking for a top of the range bike, you can hardly go wrong with the Basis 1 Full Suspension Mountain Bike. It has some powerful features, including dual disc brakes and a full-suspension frame.

The battle for the best frame is still not always clear and many people swear by the hardtail frame. The dual suspension frames can be functional when you are taking on some of the top trails around town. These frames are durable and they have some excellent shock absorption when going downhill on tough slopes.

Much like Eurobike, Basis is one of the top brands on the market today and they have a reputation for great bikes that are affordable. The bikes will not only perform for the purpose you have bought them, but they are also durable and look great. When you have a Basis bike, you can be sure to turn a few heads.

Quality is the main thing we all want when looking for the best mountain bikes. However, it is not always easy when you don’t understand the brands. Basis is a bike that you can buy solely based on the supplier. We would recommend it to beginners and anyone looking to get started with cycling.




7. Eurobike OBK 27.5 Wheels Mountain Bike

As we move to the end of the list, it is probably no surprise that we have included another top Eurobike option. The Eurobike OBK 27.5 Wheels Mountain Bike is one of the larger options that has been specifically dedicated to adults. However, the steel frame and size will also combine to add durability for the weight.

Not all of the users like to struggle when it comes to mountains. Many people simply get off the bike and push it to the top if the bike has too much drag. Fortunately, the Eurobike OBK 27.5 Wheels Mountain bike has a decent hardtail design, which means that it is not easy to have any drag and the bike remains rigid when going uphill.

We like to emphasize the top brands when it comes to budget bikes, and you will notice that the Eurobike brand is one of the most prominent on the market today. We love the brand for the after-sale service they provide. Additionally, you can also do upgrades and Eurobike will let you know which upgrades are compatible with your bike.

Very few brands have a reputation for constantly proving top of the range of cheap bikes. Eurobike is one of these brands, and you will rarely see their bikes exceed 1000-pounds. We would highly recommend the Eurobike OBK 27.5 Wheels Mountain bike specifically for adults, but it will be ideal for almost any cyclist.




8. Ammaco. Salcano Excel 26″ Wheel Mens Adults Mountain Bike

Last but certainly not least, we have one of the hidden gems on the market today. The Ammaco. Salcano Excel 26″ Wheel Mens Adults Mountain Bike might not be such a prominent bike, but it features some of the best basic features. You will notice that for the price, you can get started and you have some decent durability.

As you might have noticed during the intro of this bike, it is one of the cheapest. While the price might not be as low as you might imagine, when you look at the overall construction and the features, it is affordable. We have considered it to be the ultimate budget bike due to the design and the included accessories.

This is probably one of the best bikes to end a list. While the other bikes on the list are superior, you don’t always want or need the best bike. The Ammaco. Salcano Excel 26″ Wheel Mens Adults Mountain Bike could be the one that saves you from overspending on something you don’t want. It is highly recommended for beginners.




Key Factors To Consider In A Mountain Bikes Before Purchasing The Best Mountain Bike Under 300 Pounds

We have selected 8 of the best mountain bikes currently on the market today for budget buyers. If none of these bikes appeals to you, you might want to use the following buyer’s guide. The guide is designed to emphasize the most important features. It should allow you to see which features we used when selecting the above-mentioned list:

best cheap hybrid bike

Unlike road bikes, mountain bikes have different frames that one needs to consider. The hardtail frame is the standard option that you find with most mountain bikes. These frames are perfect for climbing since they have less drag. Additionally, you can look at the full-suspension frames, which offer more shock absorption. You can use these frames for going downhill.

The next important step is to look at the materials used for the frame. While carbon fiber and titanium are by far some of the best, it is often too expensive. For these cheaper bikes, we used the steel frame for durability. Additionally, the aluminum frame is often available, which combines strength with a lightweight design.

The drivetrain is important for many reasons. It helps you control the different speeds of the bike and will allow you to find a comfortable riding speed. Shimano and SRAM are the two biggest producers of the drivetrain and will ensure that you have many speeds to play with. For budget buyers, we recommend looking at Shimano.

Lastly, you have to look at the brakes on the bikes. Standard V-brakes are very affordable, but they take some time to bring the bike to stop. It is often better to spend some extra funds and buy disc brakes. These modern brakes are taking over the top bikes and aside from reliability, they offer instant stopping power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

While there is not much more that we could say about these cheaper bikes, many people still had a few questions on the internet. Whilst researching the article, we have come across a couple of these questions that need to be answered. We hope that we have correctly identified some of the important questions you might have.

There is a common notion that cheap items are not a great investment. While this is true in part, bikes are all priced based on their features. The bike will not break or let you down, but when choosing a cheap bike, you might not have the speed or power of the expensive options. These bikes are great for most beginners.

You can have a look at all the bikes on this list and you should find one that stands out for your needs. However, Eurobike is by far one of the top brands that cater to every walk of life. Additionally, you might want to have a look at Basis as well.

Final Verdict

The best mountain bikes under 300 pounds are a great way for beginners to break into sports. There are tons of similar bikes, but the eight that we have selected make it worth your time and money. Let us know in the comment section which of these bikes you like and if we missed any of your favorites.

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