5 Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK | 2021 Reviews & Comparison

Have you set up a budget to buy an electric bike? Well, we have done our research and curated a list that will help you decide the Best Electric Bikes Under £500. There are thousands of options available that you can check out, but here we have a list of the best among them for you to select one.

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Electric bikes are becoming immensely popular and in the coming days, everyone might need one. Not only is it excellent for daily commuting but you can even enjoy your everyday ride in the fresh air. Moreover, it will save a lot of fuel and keep the environment safe. Earlier, these bikes may have seemed to be an unaffordable option to many, but now you can easily get your favorite under your budget. If you have no idea which could be the best one for you you can simply check out the guide below.

We have listed everything that will help choose one or upgrade to something better than the regular bike that you may have been riding for years. Some of the major aspects that you need to look for before you can select one is battery power, durability, how comfortable it is, seats, speed range, weight, portability, and a lot more. Let us get straight to the list of the Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK.

Top 3 Products Comparison -

Windgoo Electric Bike

TOEU Electric Bike

Windgoo Electric Bike with Disc Brake

5 Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK:

1. Windgoo Electric Bike

Windgoo Electric Bike is one of the best Electric Bikes Under £500 and you are going to love the brilliant design. The best part about the bike is that you can easily fold it and carry it around if you are traveling and also perfect for you to store anywhere you can. It has a somewhat dolphin-shaped design with the hand shank in a circular arc shape. Well, this electric bike runs on a 350W high powered motor that gives you a good speed.

Also, the bike is very comfortable to ride on, perfect for your commute, and even for longer rides all day long. It has this incredible 36V & 6.0Ah lithium battery that will help you ride up to 25km/h and 15-25 km range. Furthermore, it only takes about 3-4 hours to charge fully and then you can use it to drive in the city or for short traveling.

It is certified waterproof and very secure to drive in while it’s raining or simply drizzling out. Moreover, as you know it runs on battery and the amount of energy it will save is tremendous. The load that it can carry around is 120kg which is pretty much good for everyone. You can take it to work or your school or simply anything.




2. TOEU Electric Bike

TOEU Electric Bike is yet another brilliant option for anyone who is looking for a best electric bikes under £500. It has a similar design to what we had seen in a Windgoo bike. The structure has a Dolphin like a shape to provide better aesthetic value to it. This bike only weighs about 12 kg and can be folded to a great extent so that you can store it in very easily in your home or garage. Moreover, you can take it with you to places so that it is easier to ride on and not depend on any other vehicle.

We loved the overall design and also the look of the bike. It is suitable for any gender and either you are a teenager or an adult it is perfect for anyone. With the load capacity of 120kg, any of you can give it go. This Electric bike runs on a 350W motor which is not only powerful but gives great ride capacity overall. It has a Li-ion LG 36v/4.4Ah battery that can run for about 20-30km in a single charge with a maximum speed of 25km/h.

Some of the safety measures taken with the bike that other features are rear disc brake to keep you safe, headlights, shock absorption structure making it ideal for your daily commute and taking it in the countryside. A unique button function of the bike keeps it much more secure. The red button with a long press for about 3-5 secs opens the front light of the bike and the green button drives at a regular speed.




3. Windgoo Electric Bike with Disc Brake

We have another amazing design provided by the Windgoo Electric Bike and it looks equally good. If you did not like the earlier design you can surely love this one since it is completely different from the earlier one and a lot more compact. It runs on the 350W motor that has a high speed and can provide a maximum speed of 25km/h. You may not be able to take it up the hill but surely the best for your everyday work either be it for office or your school.

You can easily fold the bike within seconds and carry it around with you if you are a traveler. However, the portability can be an issue at times since it weighs about 16kg and can be a little heavy to be carried around too much. But after the fold, it becomes easy to store it in your house even. This electric bike has a load capacity of 120kg which is decent enough. You will find a 36V & 6.0Ah lithium battery that gives you a range of 15-25km making it enough for a day.

Since the charging time is about 3-4 hours, you can plug it in in the morning and ride it all day long. We loved the comfortable seats and the amazing disc brake makes the braking capabilities a lot stronger and safer too. The pedals were very useful to keep up with the pace and also keep you healthy too. This one is too brilliant option for anyone who is looking for a best electric bikes under £500.




4. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer 2019 is a perfect electric mountain bike that does have a proper design similar to the regular bike that you ride every day. It is made of Aluminum Alloy frame that keeps the bike lightweight but also very strong making it easy to ride in the mountains. The rims are made of aluminum too that has great durability for a faster ride and lesser wear & tear overall. This bike has tons of features that you are going to love and may not find in any other bikes.

To start with it runs on a 250W motor with a top speed of 15km/h. The 36V 8AH lithium-Ion removable battery can give a range between 15-20 miles in a single charge. You can give it a charge for about 3-4 hours and take it along with you and come back in no time. It has three modes as well which allows you to ride on it in normal mode, e-bike mode, and assisted mode. Furthermore, it has an LED-3 speed button that you can choose according to the circumstances. Coming over to the brakes, this one has both front & rear mechanical disc brakes that give it all the way around stopping power.

The best part is that you can adjust the height according to your so that you get maximum comfort no matter whatever your height be. There is a button on the battery that you can switch on to convert it into e-bike mode and enjoy high or at least decent speed so that you can take it where you feel like and enjoy the ride.




5. OUXI V1 Electric Bike

OUXI electric Bike is our yet another option and not to forget the Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK. This folding electric bike takes seconds for folds and can be used very easily anywhere you would want to ride. It has a unique design and does give a normal bike look but with rather major upgrades. This bike features a 250W motor power boasting a top speed of 25km/h which is perfect for your daily commute such as office, work, or simply riding it casually for fun.

However, the best part of the bike and also a very unique aspect is that it does have different modes to it. You can switch between Pedal Mode, Moped Mode, and Electric Mode. Anyone can drive it whether you are a teenager or an adult. With different modes, you can enjoy the ride like a normal bike with pedals or on electric power for less effort and more power. This bike has a good battery life too that can cover a range of 25-40km which is superb.

As you know it is foldable but it weighs 16kg and not very suitable to carry it around simply anywhere. We loved to ride on it pretty well and it is very comfortable. This electric bike also has a red tail light that lightens up as soon as you press on the brake to warn the pedestrian at night time while you take it for a spin.




Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK - Buying Guide

best electric bikes under £500

Electric Bikes run on motors that gives them more power other than any normal bike you must have ridden. There are multiple ranges that you will find once you start looking for options. You will get a bike that has power of 250W, 350W, 500W, and a lot more depending on the budget you are looking for. 

Since we have a fixed budget of about £500, you can easily get bikes with a 250W-350W range which is sufficient to give you a good speed. In fact, it also depends on you and your purpose of buying the bike, if you want for a daily commute you can settle for average power. But if you are into climbing hills and more there are powerful motors for that.

After you have selected the type of motor you would want, next up you can look for the top speed of the bike. If you are taking up an electric bike, having a good speed is necessary. You will find lightweight e-bikes with an approx range of 20-25km/h speed. This is good under the budget mark you have set up and gives us a decent run through. For anyone looking for the daily commute, this could be the best option there is. Otherwise, there are a lot of bikes with speed that can be up to more than 25km/h range for say climbing hills smoothly.

All the e-bikes that you will come across need to have good battery life. You cannot compromise on this since it is the biggest factor for any such electric bikes. All the bikes we have mentioned have a lithium-ion battery and that is what you will find in most of them. The battery capacity is determined by the driving range in a single charge. It can be anything between 15-40km. Some may have less capacity and some may be ridden for 40km.

You can choose based on how portable the bike since the battery can increase the weight overall. Also, it is important to look at the charging time as well since anything beyond 5 hours is a waste of money. So, make sure you keep a good watch at all of this.

You may not feel that this is something to be concerned about. It may not be for normal bikes, but for electric bikes, these are rather very important. Any electric bike picks up speed and needs strong brakes so that it can stop at the right time. Mostly, there are wi types of brakes available i.e. Disc and Mechanical. To start with Disc brakes are very strong and can stop your bikes with just a simple press. They are very easy to maintain and adjust as well. On the other hand, mechanical bakes are a lot easier to use and also provide enough power to stop the bike. Both are equally good and serve a very different purpose.

Next up, there is the question of portability when it comes to e-bikes. Since not all of them are resistant to water, it becomes difficult to leave them outside in the rain. So, your electric bike must be at least foldable so that you can store it in your home effectively. Many of the riders even take it with them for traveling purposes. These bikes are generally lightweight and can be easy to be carried around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The answer is NO. You do not need any license for an electric bike. However, it needs to meet certain conditions before you can be completely sure. You can only ride an electric bike in the UK if you are 14 or above. Also, it must come under the electrically assisted pedal cycles (APCs) conditions i.e the bike must show any of the following such as power output, battery voltage, max speed, etc. Furthermore, the motor must have at least 250W motor power.

Yes, it can go up a hill. But these are special e-bikes with a lot of power output. The one we have listed are mostly for a daily commute and may not have enough power to take you up a hill. Such bikes are of a little higher range but you can easily get them in any store you would look up for.

Electric bikes are worth every penny you spend on them. Yes, the initial costs are higher than normal bikes, but you no longer have to spend money maintenance or any kind of fuel. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and it is great to step towards contributing towards climate change. Also, it is safer, faster, and fun to ride on these bikes

Final Verdict

All the bikes we have mentioned above the best you will find in the market currently. You can know more about them by visiting their official sites but we have made sure there is every information on this page about the bikes and how you can choose one for yourself. It does seem a bit difficult but makes sure you go through everything and then it may become easier.

Apart from the factors above, you can check out the load capacity of the bike, the tires, durability, frame, and other aspects too that make it a unique product so that you can get the added benefit for the same price. An e-bike could be a real game-changer in your life since it will add speed to your constant rides and make it even more fun and special in the long run. 

You will save a ton of money on maintenance and also the fuel that you would have otherwise spent on your car. Take your time and make the choice wisely. It will be a good investment for a lifetime.

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