5 Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK | 2022 Reviews & Comparison

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Biking is a thrilling sport but can be a bit challenging especially in the initial days. For a beginner, finding a good bike eases the difficulty to some level. Electric bikes are great for the day-to-day commute as well as for adventure rides. They are environment friendly and help to commute quickly from one place to another.

But electric bikes can be expensive and finding a good option gets tricky. However, when you have a decent budget of £500, finding a quality electric bike is not impossible. Some of the best electric bikes under £500, come with many features and are reviewed among the best.

There are so many different brands of electric bikes available in the market today. All brands offer various affordable options which are noteworthy. Among them, we have reviewed 5 tried and tested models that are considered the best electric bikes under £500.

Read on to find out all about these bikes and choose the best match as per your need.

5 Best Electric Bikes Under £500

Finding a quality electric bike under £500 gets quite tricky when there are so many different options available in the market. However, we have listed the five best electric bikes under £500 that are tried and tested for their quality. You can easily compare and contrast their features, specifications and overall verdict to determine the best choice for your purpose.

#1. FIIDO D3 PRO Electric Bicycle High Strength Aluminum Alloy Brushless Gear Motor Electric Bike for Adult

If you are looking for an affordable electric bike from a reputed brand that is suitable for the daily commute, the FIIDO D3 Pro Electric bicycle is one of the best choices. It comes with several commendable features and is well within the budget.


The following are the specifications of the bike-

  • 3-speed electric power-assist

The automatic induction between the electric and power-assist modes helps to control the bike with ease. When you turn on the throttle, it will be automatically in electric mode. If you do not add the throttle, then you can simply step on the paddle for the electric-assist mode.

  • 52-tooth chain disc

The bike comes with a 52-tooth chain disc and 12-tooth rear flywheel that provide a comfortable riding experience and can adapt to the road condition.

  • Lightweight

The bike is extremely lightweight and weighs only 18kg. Hence, it is easy to ride for most people, even beginners.

  • Battery and charging time

The battery can be configured to 10.5 Ah and has a charging time of approximately 5 hours which is better than average for a battery of this capacity.

  • Motor power

The bike comes with a motor of 250W and has a low power consumption. Its endurance is 20 times more than a normal brushless gearless motor too.


The FIIDO D3 is a good choice if you are looking for a lightweight bike that is suitable for your daily commute. The bike comes with a combined power of 3-speed electric power-assist which is also useful for seamless travelling in any type of terrain.

#2 HITWAY Electric Bike Foldable E-bike URBANBIKER

One of the most popular value for money electric bikes is the HITWAY electric foldable bike. It is a great lightweight and portable option for adults. It is also equipped with a 250W motor and has a range of 45km with a fully charged battery. The top speed you get with the bike is 25kmph.


Here are the specifications of the bike which you must note-

  • 250W super motor

The 250W motor lets one travel up to 45km with a fully charged battery. The maximum speed you can attain is 25kmph. Three different working modes are beginner mode, sports mode and normal mode.

  • Front and Rear disc brakes

The bike is fitted with mechanical disc brakes at the front and back and also comes with a high-resolution LCD screen. The total charging time of the bike is 4-6 hours and also comes with a front fork shock absorber. The 12 inches tires are just perfect to tackle more difficult terrain.

  • Safety features

Several safety features make this a perfect value-for-money option. There are double disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. It also comes with a LED front light and horns, making it safer for busy roads.

  • Foldable and durable

The payload of the bike is approximately 120kg and has integrated 12 inches aluminium alloy tyres with a strong grip. Furthermore, the aluminium-magnesium alloy body is lightweight but strong. The folding mechanism is also noteworthy in this bike.


If you are looking for an affordable but long-range bike, the HITWAY electric bike is a great choice. The design is very durable and it comes with features and accessories that give the maximum value for money.


  • Requires no license
  • The range is excellent.
  • Foldable design
  • Comes with an LCD screen and LED front light
  • 12 inches strong-grip tyres
  • Three working modes.


  • The handlebar is a little hard to adjust.

#3 Electric Bike Aldult, Urban Commuter Folding E-bike

One of the best choices for daily commute is the Electric Bike Aldult, Urban Commuter Folding E-bike which is known for its high power battery capacity. It looks fashionable compared to many other electric bikes and is a product of the reliable brand Windgoo.


The following are some of the features you witness in this electric bike-

  • Fashionable design and waterproof

The design of the bike is aesthetically appealing and looks smart. Moreover, it comes with an IPX5 waterproof coating that makes it suitable even for rainy days. It has an aluminium alloy frame and double-layer aluminium alloy wheels which make it very durable as well.

  • Range

The top speed is 20-25 kmph and it has a range of 20km with a fully-charged battery. The high-speed motor makes it perfectly suitable for the daily commute and the cruise-control feature is amazing. Twist the throttle for 8 seconds and get the maximum attainable speed with your bike.

  • Rear disc brake

The bike is equipped with a powerful rear disc brake that helps with progressive braking in any terrain. It is a powerful hub motor suitable for city streets as well as small hilly terrains.


The Aldult Urban Commuter Electric Bike is suitable for daily use and comes with a 240W motor. However, it will require a license and is not legal for the UK streets where only electric bikes with paddle assist are allowed. But in other regions, this is one of the best electric bikes under £500.


  • Powerful 350W motor
  • Durable Aluminum alloy body
  • Suitable for urban roads and hilly terrains
  • Comes with powerful rear disc brakes
  • Notable range
  • Aesthetic design


  • Does not come with a paddle assist

#4 Windgoo B20 Electric Bike, Folding E-bike

The Windgoo B20 Electric Bike is foldable and one of the most standard electric bikes you get in this range. The folding bike offers all the features and accessories you expect from a daily-commute ebike within a budget. It is a popular choice among most people looking for a heavy-duty but budget-friendly e-bike.


Here are some of the lucrative features offered by the Windgoo Foldable e-bike-

  • Fast charging high power battery

The bike has an in-built 36V 4.4AH battery which can be fully charged between 2-4 hours. It produces a range of 30km from a single charge. The bike uses a 350W motor which is very powerful and suitable in most places and also has twist throttle and cruise control features.

  • Foldable and durable design

You can easily fold the bike and take it anywhere you want. The Aluminum alloy body is quite durable and has a waterproof coating as well. The folding hinges are sturdy enough and easy to handle for all users.

  • Rear mechanical disc brake

Being an affordable bike, the e-bike comes with no gear-change option but a powerful rear disc brake which is mechanical. It has a 120 kg load capacity and uses double-layer alloy rims in the wheels for better stability.

  • 14inches wheels

The thick and 14inches tyres are more durable and provide better stability than most bikes you get in this range.


The electric bike is overall a good choice when you are on a budget and need a bike suitable for various terrains. However, several users complain that the bike heats up too much while charging and often has faulty brakes. These are factors that must be checked while you are buying the bike.


  • 14 inches wheels
  • Sturdy aluminium foldable design
  • Rear mechanical disc brakes
  • Fast charging feature


  • The bike tends to heat up while charging

#5. Swifty Liberte Folding Electric Bike

With an appearance like a regular bike, this is an aesthetically appealing and feature-packed e-bike you can get for under £500. It comes with gear changing options which make it further advantageous. It also comes with paddles which are useful for manual assistance too.


Here are some interesting features of the Swifty Liberte E-bike-


  • Wheel size and suspension

The bike comes with dual suspension and 20 inches wheels which provide optimum stability and ease of riding. 

  • 6-speed gears

A very attractive feature of this bike is the 6-speed gear changing option. Hence, it is suitable for travelling on all types of terrains.

  • 3-level assist

The bike comes with a 3-level assist which is suitable for beginners, experts and even daily commuters.

  • Foldable

The lightweight, foldable frame makes it a very portable option. You can easily store the bike anywhere you need it because of this design.



The Swifty Liberte folding electric bike is a great choice when you are looking for a heavy-duty solution for daily commute as well as for adventure rides. The features you get at the price make it a lucrative choice. The bike is one of the best, especially if you want the option to change gears.



  • 3-level assist
  • Foldable, lightweight and sturdy design
  • 6- speed gear change feature
  • 20 inches wheels with dual suspension
  • 35 miles assisted travel with a 7.65 Ah battery
  • Kickstand available



  • You will require a license for this electric bike


Best Electric Bikes Under £500 UK – Buying Guide 

To choose the best electric bikes under £500 one must keep certain criteria in mind. This will help you to find a bike that is suitable for your requirement. Here is a buying guide stating all the factors you must look into so that you find a quality affordable e-bike within your budget.

#1 Motor placement

This is an essential point to consider when you are investing in an e-bike. In the case of cheaper bikes, usually, the motor placement is at the rear end of the bike. The mid-drive placement is quite expensive. The front placement looks unnatural but they are also the cheapest variant you will find.

#2 The power of the motor

The power of the motor determines the usage you get out of the bike hence it is a very crucial factor to consider. The higher the power of the bike, the more expensive it is. However, when the budget is limited, you have to choose carefully. Usually, a motor of 250W suffices for daily use and does not require a license. They are also available in more affordable variants. Higher power is required when you are mountain biking and is optional for daily users.

#3 Battery capacity

Electric bikes come with a rechargeable battery. Choose a bike that has a battery with at least a 30-mile range and can be charged quickly. The higher the battery power, the better range you have but that will also mean the budget must be raised. The key is to choose a battery that will have the capacity to handle longer commutes as well. Even if you are travelling a shorter distance usually, choose a bike with a higher battery capacity.

#4 Type of brakes

Usually, the best electric bikes under £500 come with front and rear disc brakes only. Look for options that offer hydraulic disc brakes which is a more desirable option. However, they are rare among the more affordable variants.

#5 LCD screen

The LCD is quite useful as it helps to see important metrics like the distance, speed and the battery charge left in your bike. The more affordable designs come with LCD screens too. Consider this as an option to find a viable option among the more affordable bikes.

#6 Bike frame

Usually, the best electric bikes are under £500.do not come with suspension, except for a few exceptions. The key is to look for a bike that has a strong and durable frame, made from high-quality materials. Also, look for adjustable designs which make it more comfortable. Also check the folding mechanism and weight of the bike, in case you are looking for portable options.

#7 Warranty

The warranty is an assurance of quality and must not be overlooked. Even if you are choosing an affordable model, make sure it is from a reputable brand as it is more likely to come with a warranty. It ensures you are protected against any faulty model. This is especially essential when you are buying a cheaper model as quality may get compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum speed of any affordable electric bike?

The speed of paddling along with the motor assistance determines the speed you get from your electric bike. Usually, most affordable bikes can make an average speed of 25kmph at the least.

  • Do I need a driving license to ride an electric bike?

It depends on the wattage of the bike. Most countries do not require a license for bikes with up to 250W power. However, any bike over this wattage calls for a license.

  • Which is better- hydraulic disc brake or mechanical brakes?

Hydraulic brakes are considered better than mechanical brakes. This is because these brakes have better stopping capacity and are much smoother.

  • How to keep an electric bike secure?

Like any other bike, the electric bike must be secured using a quality lock. Also, remove the batteries for added safety. Some bikes can be tracked with a specific mobile app that helps you keep checking on your bike whenever you want.

  • Is a 500W electric bike enough?

A 500W electric bike is powerful enough for general commute and even in hilly terrains. It is the minimum power needed to go over 32km/h speed.

  • What size motor is sufficient for an electric bike?

This depends on the purpose of using the electric bike. About 250W motor is enough for the general commute. You can upgrade it from 350W to 500W if you often take uphill rides.

Final Verdict 

Electric bikes are effortless to ride, much quicker to travel and come with many features that make them suitable for beginners to experts. Your biking experience gets enhanced when you invest in the top quality bikes available in the market. The above-mentioned bikes are easily available and within a budget of £500. When you choose one of these best electric bikes under £500 uk, rest assured it is going to be a long-term investment. Make every ride joyous and adventurous with the best bikes available in the market. Your electric bike can become your steady companion when you make the right choice.


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