8 Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under £200

Cycling is one of the best ways one can stay in shape while retaining overall fitness. In the modern era, life has become more about health and looking your best. The best budget mountain bike under £200 UK can help you find your ideal mountain bike for a fraction of the price while giving you a few nifty features to get on trails.

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With such a vast array of mountain bikes present, it is often hard for individuals to find a bike that they enjoy. However, the following guide will take you through the main features you need to consider, including a look at 8 best cheap mountain bike. These bikes are for all terrains and allow you to enjoy the outdoors.

The best budget mountain bike under £200 uk:

1. Schwinn Surge 26” Wheel Mountain Bike

When looking for a budget mountain bike, you have to give Schwinn as a brand some credit. The Schwinn Surge 26” Wheel Mountain Bike is an affordable hardtail mountain bike, which you can find in a wide array of colors, it also features solid design for climbers looking to scale hills and solid mountain bike trails.

Climbing Frame: One of the benefits of the hardtail frame is that it is designed for climbing up steep slopes. The Schwinn Surge 26” Wheel Mountain Bike features a solid aluminum frame, which keeps the bike lightweight while allowing the rider less drag when climbing. It might be a bit hard on you when going downhill at speed.

Brakes: Disc brakes are some of the high-end brakes on the market, but Schwinn has managed to add affordable mechanical disc brakes to the bike. The disc brake is one of the most reliable when looking for stopping power. Due to the addition of disc brakes, the bike is effective when braking on slippery slopes and in the mud on trails.

Simple Drivetrain: The drivetrain is one of the elements that can spike the price of a bike. However, Schwinn has added their very own 7-speed drivetrain to the bike to reduce these costs. The drivetrain will allow the bike to travel at various speeds, allowing the rider to choose the most comfortable option for their riding capabilities.




2. Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 Bicycle

If you are looking for a versatile, you can have a closer look at the Eurobike Mountain Bike X1 Bicycle. The bike is constructed from solid steel, which means more durability, but it also adds some weight to the overall design.

Frame Materials: While the bike is a hardtail design, it is made from solid steel for the frame. The fork is constructed from aluminum to help reduce the weight. While steel can be much heavier than aluminum, it also offers more durability. Due to the additional durability of the bike, it makes it ideal for beginners to absorb a few falls and bumps.

Size: The size of the bike is fundamentally important, as you will notice in the buyer’s guide. For this bike, the manufacturer has used the steel frame to their advantage and added large 27.5-inch wheels. The combination of the wheels and the frame, allows the bike to carry an overall capacity of up to 310-pounds. That is why this is one of the best budget mountain bike.




3. Licorne Guide Mountain Bike

When looking at the Licorne Guide Mountain Bike, you might not think that it is an outright mountain bike. However, it has multiple features, which makes it best budget mountain bike under £200 including mountain bike designs and commuter designs, giving a 2-in-1 design for your bike.

Female Ergonomics: In the world of mountain biking, we often only look to accommodate males. However, the Licorne Guide Mountain Bike is available in a variety of sizes, with the smaller sizes being perfect for women. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the bike means that it is comfortable for women to ride around with as well.

Multiple Accessories: When you buy a mountain bike, you often neglect to look at some of the accessories. However, this bike features a puncture kit that is nestled between the frame of the bike to give you more peace of mind. It also features a rear mudguard to keep the mud spats from hitting you in the back and keep your clothing clean.




4. Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The full-suspension mountain bike is often seen as the more expensive of the two types. However, there are a few cheaper options like the Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike available. These bikes are great for all terrains and they can absorb almost all shock that you encounter on a trail.

Dual-Suspension: One of the standout features is the dual suspension design of the bike. It features the standard suspension you find in the front fork, but at the back, you have a second suspension. These bikes are commonly known for downhill riding. However, they also make it possible to attempt jumps on many trails.

Stylish Design: We all want to stand out and have a bike that turns heads. The Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike is designed with an array of shocking colors that will make the bike stand out. You have the option to custom all of these colors and add different decals if needed. However, this could cost you a little bit more. This is a great bike comes under best budget mountain bike uk.




5. Eurobike OBK 27.5 wheels Mountain bike

If you like the previous Eurobike, you will enjoy the Eurobike OBK 27.5 wheels Mountain bike. It is an upgraded version, which features a lightweight aluminum frame, with the same large 27.5-inch wheels. This mountain bikes under 200 is very durable, while also retaining some of the lightness needed for gaining speed on trails.

Aluminum Frame: The aluminum frame has become the most sought after frame of budget buyers. It splits the difference between the carbon fiber and steel frame. If you are a large rider, the Eurobike OBK 27.5 wheels Mountain bike can keep the frame lightweight, while still carrying riders of up to 310-pounds with ease if needed.

Disc Brakes: If a larger rider is to use one of these bikes, they will need decent stopping power to ensure the bike does not skid. One of the best Eurobike features is the dual disc brakes that have been added. These brakes will offer excellent stopping power in all weather conditions. They also prevent the bike from slipping in the mud.




6. Licorne Effect Mountain Bike

If the previous Licorne bike is designed specifically for females, the Licorne Effect Mountain Bike is designed for the male riders. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, with a slightly large tire of 26-inches. The seat and handlebars will remain ergonomic and can be comfortably toggled from your position on the bike.

Male Ergonomics: Men are notoriously taller than women and their limbs are often longer. This best budget mountain bike under £200 is slightly larger than the female version, making it more comfortable for the men. It features solid V-brakes that will give you ideal stopping power and enable you to ride in all weather conditions with the knobby tires.

Accessories: We once again have to look at the accessories of the bike, much like the female version, this one also features a puncture-repair kit between the frame tubes. It has Hi-riser handlebars that can be adjusted for more comfort, while the rear mudguard will keep you dry. Additionally, the Shimano shifters are durable and effective.





You might not buy the Multibrand PROBIKE ADVENTURE for yourself, but it is an ideal beginner’s bike for kids. The bike is lightweight and features a low-profile seat. The seat can be adjusted, but the low-profile makes it comfortable for all kids to enjoy the bike. Overall, it is mostly a basic bike when you look at it for kids.

Special Design: The first thing that will draw your attention is the unique design of the bike. It looks like a BMX but features mountain bike tires and an 18-speed drivetrain that will allow kids to navigate speeds. The durable steel frame is perfect for ensuring durability, whilst giving you peace of mind as a parent for your kid’s safety.

Kids Design: Much like the ladies, people often look for bikes with support wheels when they think of the best kids mountain bike. However, kids don’t need to leap adult bikes when they have outgrown the support wheels. This best budget mountain bike UK is an intermittent bike, which is comfortable for kids growing into adult bikes.




8. Kobay-Women Adult Mountain Bike

Last but certainly not least, we have another unique bike that makes it onto the list. This best cheap mountain bike is as the name suggests, another bike made for women. However, it also features a unisex design for the male riders. The bike is packed full of top features at a very low price.

Drivetrain: Compared to some of the other bikes on the list, this one has a more powerful drivetrain. The 30-speed Shimano drivetrain will give you many more choices when it comes to finding a comfortable speed for your liking. Additionally, the dual disc brakes will offer you additional stopping power if you lose control over the speeds.

Fully Adjustable: As mentioned, it might be marketed towards women, but the bike is comfortable for many men as well. The 26-inch tires are common for male bikes, but the unique handlebars make it the perfect bike for tackling longer trails. Multiple color designs are available for all women and men to find the bike of their choosing.




Most Important Factors To Look For While Purchasing Best Budget Mountain Bike Under £200 UK:

best budget mountain bike

By now, you might have selected the best bike for your personal needs. However, there are still a few key features one needs to consider to ensure you get the best value for your money. The following features served as a guide for us in selecting these products. Now they can help you find the best budget mountain bike on the market today.

One of the first decisions you will need to make is the frame of the bike. The hardtail bike is the most affordable and most readily available on the market today. However, the full-suspension mountain bike is much better at downhill trails, allowing you to absorb most of the shock you might have to encounter when riding.

When it comes to selecting a mountain bike, the materials of the bike play a huge part in your progress. Mountain bikes can be found in four different materials and each of these materials has its benefits and drawbacks for riders. Here is a small breakdown of these different materials available for riders:

  • Steel: Steel is a durable material, but adds a lot of weight to the bike. It is also very affordable.
  • Aluminum: Most aluminum bikes are durable, but they are a bit more expensive. These bikes are lightweight and strong.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber is one of the lightest materials, but due to the woven fibers it is extremely strong.
  • Titanium: Also known as the lightest, yet strongest material on earth, titanium is one of the most expensive materials for a mountain bike.

If you want some extra peace of mind, you need to invest a bit in your brakes. Cantilever brakes are some of the older brakes, but ideal for beginners. However, the V-brake is great for wet weather conditions. If you want the best brakes, you might need to dole out a few bucks extra for the dual disc brake. The mechanical disc brake is a bit cheaper than the hydraulic disc brake.

No bike can exist without a drivetrain. The drivetrain is the engine room of the bike, which makes it move forward and allows you to change speeds. Shimano and SRAM are the two most popular brands when it comes to the drivetrain. However, Shimano tends to be a bit more affordable. While all drivetrains have the same range, some give you more versatility depending on the number of speeds available.

Accessories are what we would call minor features, but it can spice up your bike. Features like the H-Riser handlebars are adjustable and they offer comfort for all riders. Additionally, a rear mudguard might add additional weight to the bike, but it also makes the bike more protective when it comes to tires conservation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

To finish the article, we have identified a couple of common questions floating around the web. These questions might be in your head right now, but we hope to address all of them to ensure you find the right bike for your needs. Here are a few questions that you might also want to be answered before buying a bike:

The size of the bike depends on your height and weight. Taller riders might need to look for 27.5-inch tires or the 29er. However, kids and women might be fine when riding with a 24-inch mountain bikes. Teenagers seem to be most comfortable with the 20-inch tires.

Oftentimes, we find ourselves on trails that have a few ramps. However, not all mountain bikes are made for jumping. The dual-suspension mountain bikes work the best for jumping and absorbing some of the impacts.

It is not recommended that you add larger tires to the mountain bike. The fork and frame are often designed to accommodate specific tire sizes. However, you can consult your local bike specialist to make recommendations on tires if you need to upgrade the bike size.

Final Verdict

The best budget mountain bike is not that hard to find when you understand key features and what to look for. We hope that this article has answered all your questions while showing you the 8 best budget mountain bike under £200 UK. Let us know in the comment section if we missed any of your favorites or if you have experience with these bikes.

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