The E-Bike Obsessed is my little slice of the universe where I put honest and reliable info which you can trust to start your biking journey. I have put a lot of effort to perfect my biking skills, I’ve done a lot of research and would like to have it compiled as a resource for others to use. Happy Biking!

Vision strikes, when the mission starts getting accomplished and for me, losing weight and remaining fit, these were what that made me question, “Why not move ahead and begin a journey profound?”

I was determined, I was healthy and who needs something distasteful in life, when my bike seemed enough for me to convert my knowledge into an experience that increased and improved my skills and helped me begin a life, which outsmarted the “old ME.”

Soon, apart from sharing experiences, I also reached out people through my blogs, regarding, biking tips & guides and some product reviews.

My start was amazing and I knew people of all ages could use little advice to bike and try it out in their daily lives to keep themselves healthy.

Bikes were my passion, and with sharing it along, I started creating positive impacts and remind people, “Time is something which unless utilized better, results in the same outcomes, the same you and the same effortless life, which doesn’t want to take a step ahead and try to keep oneself healthy and feel alive again, with little of sweat and a few miles covered.” Well, that was it. Even that one change created, it made me feel better and until today, it makes me feel amazing and seeing a person bike around, it’s a bliss.

I look forward to your stay.


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